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Introduction to lubricants

The James Durrans Group has been supplying lubricant technologies to the forging industry for over 15 years. We have recently enhanced our in-house manufacturing facilities by the commissioning of new ‘start of the art’ equipment.

Backed up by our in-house laboratory, research and development facilities, we can offer the forging industry all forms of lubricants. Furthermore our excellent new facilities and our considerable experience in carbon processing technologies enables us to now offer clients bespoke product solutions to suit their particular needs.

The importance of sufficient lubrication

One of the key components in the production of quality forgings is the correct selection and use of lubricants. A good lubricant will:

  • Reduce friction at the metal to metal contact areas allowing better flow
  • Enable easy removal of the forged part from the die
  • Reduce unwanted heat from the dies
  • Extend, by increased protection, the working life of the die

Our different lubricant types

The James Durrans Group has a complete range of lubricant products as well as the ability to offer bespoke solutions to customer’s specifications:

  • Water based graphite lubricants
  • Oil based graphite lubricants
  • Synthetic lubricants
  • Release agents