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James Durrans (Tianjin) Coatings Ltd.

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James Durrans (Tianjin)
Coatings Ltd. 
No. 1116 Huang Shan Road
Tanguu Ocean High Tech
Development Area
Tianjin 300459

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Tianjin, China

To meet the needs of the emerging foundry market within China, the Durrans Group established purpose built manufacturing facilities within Tianjin. Working in collaboration with the group’s foundry coatings centre of excellence based in Willich (Germany), and working closely with its foundry partners has enabled them to solve problems and improve casting quality.

James Durrans (Tianjin) Coatings Ltd. has developed a range of products to suit the world first class foundries of WOFE & JV and Chinese State and privately owned customers in China and South East Asian countries.​