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James Durrans GmbH
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47877 Willich

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Willich, Germany

The Durrans Group’s centre of excellence for refractory coatings, internally refered to as the CCD (Central Coating Department), is located in Willich, Germany (near Düsseldorf) is the home of the 10,000 m² area site houses a purpose built facility specialising in the development and production of refractory coatings for use within iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries. The on-site laboratory is equipped with high tech analysing machines and software.

As well as coatings, this site is the European hub for a full range of carbon based materials for foundry and other industries manufactured by the Durrans Group’s UK plants and other suppliers.

The modern production facility and flexibility of the personnel enables them to react quickly to the wishes and requests of customers.

Since 2014 the GmbH owns their own grading station where Graphite can be packed into various packaging materials in different sieve grading.